“We are dedicated to creating the most unique travel experiences in the Colombian Amazon while supporting the indigenous communities of the area.”

Colombia Remote Adventure was founded by Eliceo Matapi Yucuna in 2014 with the idea of offering travellers memorable experiences of the Colombian Amazon. Ever since then, Colombia Remote Adventures has been included in the Lonely Planet Colombia Travel Guide Books as well as in the Bradt Colombia Travel Guide Book.

We mainly use the services provided by the indigenous communities of the area, which does not only provide the traveller with a direct cultural experience but also generates income for the original inhabitants. To increase our positive impact, we also donate school material to the children of different indigenous communities and have recently started an environmental project. Read more about our projects here.

Founder & Director: Eliceo Matapi Yucuna

Eliceo is a member of the Matapi and Yucuna tribes, the only tribes in the Colombian Amazon that use their tribal names also as last names. He spent his first years growing up in a tribal village between the Miriti Parana River and the Caquetá river, once the tribal homelands of his family, in the Pedrera region of the Colombian Amazon. He learned the cultural practices, customs and traditions of his tribe as well as hunting, fishing, and the basics of survival in the Amazon jungles. In 1999, when Eliceo was 11 years old, his family moved to the city of Leticia looking for greater opportunities for education and work.

After receiving his official tour guiding certificate in 2008 and graduating in Ecotourism and community development in 2010, Eliceo has worked as a tour guide and translator for various agencies in Colombia, specializing in the Amazon region.

Languages: Spanish, Yucuna, English and Portuguese.

Commercial Representative: Irene Brochero Vargas

Irene was born in 1996 in the city of Bogota, proud to be Colombian, she believes and supports the potential that Colombia has for its cultural diversity, its natural wealth, its flavor, joy and magic in every corner. She is a professional in Tourism and Hotel Management with emphasis in Sustainability Management in Tourism, besides being passionate about travel, nature and adventure, her experience has been formed in companies in the tourism sector as travel agencies and airlines.

Guide Ramiro

Guide: Ramiro Romaina

Ramiro is 36 years old and from the Amazonian Ticuna tribe. He was born in Peru and has lived in Leticia since he was 17 year old. Ramiro has worked as a guide for the last 10 years and is currently studying to receive his tourist guide certification from SENA with the objective to expand his knowledge.

Languages: Spanish, English and Portuguese

Guide: Elvis Cueva Márquez

Elvis is from the Mayuruna ethnic group of the Brazilian Amazon River Javary. He is a passionate about the Amazon and has published the book “The children of iron hugs in the Amazon” (Los niños de abrazos de hierro en el Amazonas). He has worked as a tourist guide for the last 30 years, with 8 years dedicated to bird-watching. He is part of the association of amazon tourist guides, is certified as a tourist guide technologist and is an expert in jungle survival.

Languages: Spanish, Mayuruna, Portugese and English

Logistics and Accounttings: Andrea Paola Salamanca Guevara

She was born in the city of villavicencio-meta, with Brazilian descent from her maternal grandmother who was a native of san antonio- brazil, born on April 27, 1994, lover of nature and mathematics for which she finished her studies in accounting and finance as a technologist. since mid 2019 she is part of Colombia Remote Adventure as support in logistics and accounting assistant.

Languages: Spanish and Portuguese

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