Birdwatching In the Amazon

About the Tour

On the “Birdwatching in the Amazon” tour you will be accompanied by a professional who will help you spot various incredible bird species of the area, you will visit an indigenous community and several nature reserves.



3Nights - 4 Days

First Day: Mocagua / Wirapuru

Visitors will arrive at the multiethnic community of Mocagua, where they will be transferred to the Wirapuru Bird Lodge. Upon arrival, luggage accommodation will take place, followed by a typical lunch allowing participants to recharge. Next, an exhilarating boat trip through the Matamata creek will ensue, exploring the natural channels of the flooded forest. Throughout this experience, there will be ample opportunity for observing the rich flora and fauna, with a special focus on bird species inhabiting both upland and flooded ecosystems. The day will further unfold with an immersive hike through primary and secondary forest, always adapting to prevailing weather conditions. Finally, the group will embark on the return journey to Mocagua, concluding the day with a delightful traditional dinner

Second Day: Yanayacu / Macagua

The day begins with a private boat trip to the Yanayacu creek in Peru. Throughout this immersive experience, you’ll have the opportunity for detailed observation of the rich flora and fauna, with a special focus on birds inhabiting the Varzea and igapo ecosystems. Following this activity, a comforting breakfast will be provided. The day continues with a fascinating dolphin-watching session before heading back to Mocagua. After a well- deserved rest, participants will indulge in a delicious lunch. Subsequently, an enriching jungle hike within the indigenous reserve of Mocagua will take place. The day concludes with a dinner, marking the end of this unique jungle experience in Peru

Third Day: Matamata - Mocagua

The day kicks off with an exhilarating private boat trip along the Matamata creek. During this journey, participants will have the opportunity for meticulous observation of the rich flora and fauna, with a special focus on birds inhabiting the flooded forest. Following this experience, a delicious breakfast will be served to recharge energies. The day continues with an enriching hike in the high jungle, where another bird-watching session will take place. Subsequently, we’ll make our way back to Mocagua to indulge in a typical lunch that will delight everyone’s taste buds. Afterwards, we’ll head to the “Maicuchiga” monkey rehabilitation center to learn more about these fascinating animals. The day concludes with a dinner, providing the perfect finale to this unique jungle experience

Day 4 Mocagua

We’ll kick off the day with a delightful breakfast. Following that, we’ll proceed to transport the participants to the raft of the Mocagua community.

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Price x person

1 Adventurer

$4.980.000 COP

2 Adventurers: Price x Person

$ 3.473.000 COP

3 Adventurers: Price x Person

$ 2.990.000 COP

4 Adventurers: Price x Person

$ 2.740.000 COP

5 Adventurers: Price x Person

$ 2.570.000 COP

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High water levels can be expected in February, March, Abril and the highest levels can be expected all through May and beginning of June. The water levels drop from mid-June.​

Transportation by land and water, meals (3x breakfast, 3x lunch, 3x dinner), accommodation for 3 nights, non-alcoholic refreshments and entrance fees as well as professional, multilingual, local Amazonian guides and a contribution to our educational and our environmental project

Your flight tickets, the entrance tax to Leticia as well as any alcoholic drinks are NOT included.