Ayahuasca Healing Therapy

About the Tour

“Traditional and indigenous medicinal therapy Ayahuasca to connect more deeply with the rainforest which may offer you a truly restorative experience.”

Discover the traditional and indigenous medicinal therapy Ayahuasca. After your time with the shaman you will explore a nature reserve in Colombia and Peru to connect more deeply with the rainforest which may offer you a truly restorative experience.

Please note, it is recommended to eat light meals for two to three days before arrival to be able to clean your body and mind with the help of Ayahuasca. We encourage anyone who would like to participate to refrain from eating much red meat or fatty foods a few days beforehand. If you have questions, please contact us for further advise on how to prepare for your visit.

Note: we recommend you arrive early for this tour.

How many days?

3 Nights - 4 Days

Day 1 Cleansing Ritual Ayahuasca

We will pick you up at the airport and head by taxi to the entrance of the jungle where will set out on our 2 hour hike. We will reach the community before lunch. The Shaman will welcome us talk about the importance of the Malocca within the tribe and the sacred medicines that are used there such as Mambe, Coca, Rape, Ambil and ground tobacco.

The Shaman will teach you how to make Ayahuasca and you will learn more about the healing aspects of the medicine. After a very light dinner of only fresh fruits, we will get ready for the cleaning ceremony and then start the Ayahuasca ceremony (only if you would like to join).

Accommodation:  hammocks

Day 2 Tanimboca Nature Reserve

After breakfast we will hike to the road and continue by taxi to the Tanimboca Nature Reserve. We will have lunch and then walk 15 Minutes until we reach the 15 meter high Tree House. From here you can traverse various 40 meter high platforms in the trees by means of zip lines. In the late afternoon we make our way to the hotel where we will be staying in cabins or a tree house. After dinner we can go for a walk exploring the Amazonian jungle.


Accommodation: either in rooms with double beds (couples) or a room with multiple beds (groups) in a tree house (if availability permits it) or cabin

Day 3 Marasha Nature Reserve

Breakfast at the Tanimboca Reserve is followed by a taxi and boat ride to the Marasha Nature Reserve in Peru. We will have to walk for approximately 1 hour and 45minutes until we reach the Reserve´s facilities. During the walk, you will experience the rainforest and learn about timber and medicinal trees. Furthermore, there is the opportunity to observe different species of birds that inhabit the area. After lunch at the Nature Reserve we can go Piranha fishing, bird watching, canoeing or kayaking. In the evening, after dinner, you might want to go caiman watching.

Accommodation: either in rooms with double beds (couples) or a room with multiple beds (groups)

Day 4 Leticia

We will have breakfast early in the morning and take the boat to Leticia, which will take us around 2 hours. We will then drop you off in town or take you to the airport as requested.

1 Adventurer

$2.830.000 COP

2 Adventurers: Price x Person

$2.050.000 COP

3 Adventurers: Price x Person

$1.820.000 COP

4 Adventurers: Price x Person

$1.572.000 COP

5 Adventurers: Price x Person

$1.500.000 COP

Useful informations

High water levels can be expected in February, March, Abril and the highest levels can be expected all through May and beginning of June. The water levels drop from mid-June.​

Transportation by land and water, meals (3x breakfast, 3x lunch, 3x dinner), accommodation for 3 nights, non-alcoholic refreshments and entrance fees as well as professional, multilingual, local Amazonian guides and a contribution to our educational and our environmental project

Your flight tickets, the entrance tax to Leticia as well as any alcoholic drinks are NOT included.

Please check out our PacklistFAQ-page and our general Travel Guide for the Amazon Region. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to add an extra day or make any changes to the itinerary.

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